Journey 2022
Future vision


Welcome to Atos’ Journey 2022 report, our vision for the future of technology in business. Explore the opportunities and challenges arising from the ongoing digital revolution in our work and personal lives.

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Technologies, trends and perspectives

Look into some of the most influential digital technologies, trends and perspectives that will shape society and organizations by 2022.

Digital Meets Physical

As the boundaries between the digital and physical world become increasingly blurred, we must rethink the ways that we perceive and interact with evolving and emerging technologies.

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Business models and society

The speed and scale of impact that digital technologies have on businesses and society demands a new level of corporate responsibility that anticipates both long and short-term implications of enterprise strategies.

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Human-Centric AI

Artificial intelligence is set to become one of the most disruptive technological developments ever. Understanding the associated opportunities and threats from a human-centric perspective is key to ensuring acceptance and delivering maximum business benefit.

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