Pioneering the way to precision medicine

Megatrends in Healthcare: Toward predictive and personalized care

The healthcare ecosystem is in the turmoil of disruptive changes. Never has the prospect of innovation been so bright, with new technologies such as immunotherapy and genomics promising to bring revolutionary advances in medicine and life-extending therapies. At the same time, never have exploding MedTech costs and demographics trends put the sustainability of healthcare systems at such risk…

As a result, continuing to accelerate innovation in health while bending the cost curve is a vital challenge for the years to come.

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people will be added to the world population by 2050


cost savings could be generated by digital health


health apps are available on app stores, growing by 20% per year


healthcare facilities will be accessible by mobile in 2019

Value-based care is already reshaping ecosystems today; but the next frontier will be even more disruptive with precision medicine, predictive and personalized care, at last, on the horizon.

Ruud van der Loo,

Vice President Global Healthcare, Atos

Four transformation challenges and opportunities for the future of Healthcare

patient experience

The rise of mobile and wearables has not just created new markets around healthy living and quantified self; it has also changed patient expectations for more holistic care approaches. What’s ultimately at stake: deliver more personalized treatments, thanks to the conjunction of extensive condition monitoring and individual patient analysis…

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Dramatically reduce
healthcare costs

Faced with the need to care more and better for less, it is essential that healthcare players develop more effective clinical pathways. The impact is vital: as the world population ages, augmenting care productivity will not only be a financial necessity; it will be essential for facing the boom of chronical diseases…

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value-based healthcare

Healthcare innovation brings a revolutionary promise today: a move to prescriptive care. This will require profound changes in the healthcare value chains and ecosystems, blurring the frontier between caregivers, pharma and insurers. What’s at stake: a shift from ‘curative’ models to ones focused on prescriptive prevention. This will pave the way to population health, and to precision medicine. …

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total trust & compliance

New technologies bring multiple opportunities but also multiply dangers, especially in Healthcare’s life-sensitive environments. Data breaches may not only badly damage reputation and create a huge risk of fines, notably with new GDPR regulations; they could also put patients’ lives at risk…

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Take a look at the key technologies that will shape the future of Healthcare:


Hybrid Cloud is reviving Cloud initiatives by enabling seamless integration of private and public Cloud platforms. With this model, organizations can exploit the benefits of public Cloud: pay-per-use, ‘infinite’ bursting resources, agility and innovation. Healthcare players must adapt their IT processes.


Artificial Intelligence promises to second human cognitive capabilities with virtual assistants, advisors, and smart healthcare devices and robots. It may dramatically improve patient experience and support physicians from healthy living to diagnosis, treatment, recovery and home care. Healthcare players must prepare for the care, business, human and legal impacts.


Robotic Process Automation will bring virtual workforces for managing repetitive tasks, reducing the cost of administrative and regulatory processes by at least 50% while improving quality and speed. Healthcare organizations need to standardize processes to facilitate automation and engage in ambitious change management programs.


Augmented and Virtual Reality are blurring real and virtual worlds, allowing patients, physicians and healthcare personnel to engage with digital services within the context of their current environment. Healthcare players should explore use cases in patient guidance and physician care activities (consultation, medical data analysis, surgery.).


OMICS technologies leverage high-performance computing to accelerate genetic sequencing analysis and identify at-risk populations or target therapies to patients who are likely to respond. It is a major pathway to precision medicine. Healthcare organizations should begin to assess how they can begin to leverage OMICS today.


3D Printing already enables the production of patient-tailored prosthetics. Much more: personalized 3D-printed ‘polypills’ are being tested to simplify the delivery of complex medication regimes, and organoid BioPrinting and tissue engineering may ultimately do away with the need for some transplants. Healthcare organizations should begin to get ready for these revolutionary breakthrough.


Blockchain is a potential game-changer for conducting exchanges with parties without prior trust relationships. In Healthcare, hyperledger technologies can help implement decentralized patient data management, leveraging automated contracting and the microservice economy. Healthcare player ecosystems should explore applications today.


Drones and Robots are promising to revolutionize healthcare environments, with potential applications such as express drug delivery, robo-surgeons or autonomous robo-ambulances. While some technologies are just adolescent, healthcare players must assess potential applications now.


Digital Twins are virtual models of a process, device or service, or even a patient. This pairing of the virtual and physical worlds allows for better design and solutions management, and could also be applied to simulate, monitor and optimize patients’ treatments. Organizations should explore the tremendous potential of these technologies in Healthcare now.


Brain-Computer Interfaces, or neurointerfaces, promise to leverage neural sciences to establish a direct communication pathway between humans and digital devices or machines. While yet prospective, these technologies could have disruptive applications in health. Healthcare organizations should start exploring them.

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