Intelligence is everything

Data-driven decisions from supply chain through to customer experience.

Are you Future Ready for the post-pandemic world?


In this unprecedented time, how do you connect with customers to drive your retail business? How do you go a step further to get the full benefit of digital technologies and new, data-driven business models?

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Thinking retail, growth is intelligence-lead and data-driven


In the world of thinking retail, intelligence is everything.? Only those retailers that embrace digital transformation will shine.

In customer relationships, instore and online, only data and AI can build enduring intimacy.

In store, it’s going to be on-board intelligence and the internet-of-things that keep stocks optimized and promotions buzzing.

Right across the supply chain, it’s data and analysis that help fine tune efficiency and validate ethical behavior.

Retail intelligence and data-driven behaviors are all-pervasive, and we need to question how intelligence adds value to both customer experience and efficiency.? Evidence counts.

Retail becomes thinking retail.?


consumers are willing to share data for personalized experiences

Customer transformation challenges

Separation dash


Consider digital transformation in retail from four critical perspectives

Customer experience

Barriers online and instore dissolve. Turn data into active value. How can you convert digital behavior into sales and loyalty?

Operational excellence

Intelligence must track and trace all products, from source to shelf and beyond. How will you set the standard for supply chain efficiency and transparency?

Business reinvention

Geo-location, contextual advertising, open innovation, customer service extension – how are you exploiting digital in thinking retail?

Trust and compliance

Trust is evidence-based.? How best can your brand proclaim the quality of your processes, systems and behaviors?

Edge Computing for Retail

Nearly 90% of global retail sales take place in physical stores and, as a result, most of them invest in computing power closer to the buyer.

The management of shelves is one of the major challenges for distributors. These must ensure a regular supply of shelves to ensure maximum sales and optimal customer satisfaction.

Discover in the video how edge computing is a driver to reduce losses and improve shelf management.

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Atos Edge Data Analytics is the solution to better understand your customer preferences, personalized information and inventory tracking.

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