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Hybrid Cloud Security for the Digital Enterprise

Are you using the cloud securely?

The Cloud itself is not ‘less’ secure than existing Data Centers or on premise legacy environments… we are hearing more and more about Cloud security incidents… as more and more data is going to the cloud… the ‘bad guys’ are following it there.

The question enterprises need to be asking is not ‘is my cloud secure’, but rather ‘am I using the cloud securely.

For any organisation, reaping all the benefits of cloud requires a robust approach to cybersecurity to protect data that is shared across public and private cloud environments at an acceptable cost.

Atos can help you maintain centralized control over Identities and Access Management, as well as Encryption keys, with a single pane of glass approach.

21% of all files in the cloud contain?sensitive data*

*McAfee Cloud Adoption and Risk Report 2019

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Balancing trust with agility for your data in Google Cloud

Meet security and compliance policies while benefiting from GCP and GSuite scale and agility.
Keep control and ownership over access to your data and the keys that encrypt it.

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Maturity assessment and consulting

How to transform your Security to enhance secure business through the cloud and keep full control of your sensitive data?

Taking the customer organization Security Maturity as an input, as well as customer regulatory context and targets of the Cloud Transformation Program, Atos Cloud Security Consulting will determine how the customer IT Security organization, governance, processes and controls must be transformed when the IT moves to the Cloud (and at which speed). Adding a Cloud layer into the customer Data Classification Policy is a key element as well.

  • Risk Assessment:?Get visibility on where your data is and determine an action plan for compliance
  • Data security & control:?Keep full control and protect?your critical data wherever it moves within the Cloud in compliance?with regulations applying to them
  • Cloud Security Roadmap:?Build the security transformation roadmap and define the cloud rules for your different data classification levels.

Business logic (behavior)

How can you ensure what is taking place in your cloud is what you are expecting to take place?


Multi-Cloud Control

How to build and maintain control of compliance in the cloud?

In order to put forward that customers should keep control of their access management and encryption. And not entrust that to Cloud providers. This is the way of limiting Cloud Service Provider lock-in, as well as be able to keep greater trust (and control) on who accesses to which data. While unauthorized persons will only reach encrypted data (of course a Data Classification is required in order to encrypt data on a risk-based approach, not all data is sensitive). As a consequence, it means that visibility on uncontrolled Clouds usage (Shadow IT, unsanctioned IT) is key in order to add Security controls or provide Secure alternatives to end-users and Business Units.

  • Cloud IAM:?Protect and access data in IaaS, PaaS & SaaS with strong authentication >> Evidian IDaas
  • Cloud Encryption:?Protect and access data in IaaS, PaaS & SaaS with targeted encryption >> Trustway DataProtect
  • Hybrid Cloud Security:?Add an end-to-end layer of security control that covers all cloud environments as well as on-premises infrastructure

Data in the Cloud (visibility)

Do you have visibility of things that are going in the cloud?


Agile security

How to ensure applications are securely developed and operated in the cloud?

Agile security is about embracing DevSecOps, not only to Shift Left Security (for vulnerabilities in the code, to provide IAM and encryption SDK to DevOps, etc.) but also benefit from the CICD cycle, immutable infrastructure, Infrastructure as a code, and zero trust to implement stronger security controls (previously not available), automatized and orchestrated. This brings new frontiers for Security risks (VM templates, CI/CD tools and API are the new gold rush for hackers). This is a Game Changer, mindsets must adapt and Security teams trained for Cloud Based Security.

  • DevSecOps Approach:?Enhance cloud-native application security through automation and integration with DevOps processes
  • Prescriptive SOC:?Eliminate security blind spots with automation, orchestration.?Secure critical workloads, and simplify management of hybrid Cloud >>
  • Cloud Access Security Broker:?See what data is being shared with third parties via the Cloud and automatically categorize the risk level via CASB.

No enterprise boundaries (access)

Do you know who is logging on to your infrastructure right now?
Do you know who is accessing it?


Choosing Atos for its end-to-end management & orchestration


European trusted partner

Ensure a secure cloud computing environment thanks to a partnership environment covering all the major Cloud Service Providers

Managed security capabilities and major worldwide partner

Benefit from the experience of a global outsourcing company ranked as 1st MSSP in Europe and 3rd? MSSP worldwide

Own IP for IAM and encryption

Be prepared for the unexpected with our own trusted solutions, guaranteeing full ownership of the products and controlled roadmap

? ? ?McAFEE_white_logo

McAfee and Atos have?partnered to provide a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) Service?combining best of breed technology from McAfee MVISION Cloud and Atos’ cybersecurity products: Trustway for data protection and Evidian for access management. The combined offer ensures greater control to customers for their data encryption and Identity and Access Management needs across their multi-cloud environment.

McAfee certifies Atos cybersecurity products for Security Innovation Alliance ProgramAtos launches a new CASB solution to enforce enterprises’ security policies across hybrid Cloud environments

Atos is now the first partner certified by McAfee SIA for MVISION Cloud products.

Atos & Google alliance


Atos and Google Cloud form a global partnership to deliver secure hybrid Cloud, machine learning and collaboration solutions to the enterprise.


This partnership will see the creation of secure solutions in areas including hybrid Cloud, data analytics & machine learning and the digital workplace.

One of the principles behind our partnership is the fact that we have two complementary roles.
In this instance Google brings the public cloud technology – and associated value – that enterprises are looking for. Atos helps clients define their vertical ‘use cases’ and then connect or adapt their existing environments in order to be able to leverage google ‘technology legos’. All while ensuring that in both the existing environment and new environment security and compliancy policies are enforced.

Addressing this fast-growing demand, Atos is working with Google Cloud to provide businesses worldwide with secure cutting-edge solutions.

Atos cybersecurity Cloud Agea

More information about Google Cloud & Atos partnership

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White Paper

CASB: The Cloud Control Point for continuous real time protection

Do you know where all your sensitive?data is today? Discover in this brochure?how can a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) enhance your cloud security?

Atos Brochure Trustway_HSM hardware Security Module


Trustway HSM: Data Security –?Choosing the right path through compliance

Compliant, flexible and innovative, our Hardware Security Module range brings to companies and critical infrastructures the reliability of an innovative and robust architecture in compliance with strict security demands.

Atos cybersecurity Evidian WAM nomadic


Protecting the accesses of mobile users

It is essential for the enterprise activity that mobile users access applications wherever these are.

Atos cybersecurity PSOC

Opinion Paper

Prescriptive Security Operations

The pace of digital change will never be as slow as it is today as the digital economy will continue to accelerate in the coming years, unleashing new digital disruptive innovations.

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